Share your vision! What is your space and how do you want it to function? How much do you cook and entertain? What are your family’s habits? Do you have special needs to consider?

BUDGET: Now that we have a basic idea about what you want to accomplish, let’s make sure it’s possible. It is best if you know what you are willing to spend on this project. If you’re uncertain, we can give you some direction.

DIY vs. WDIFY: Elevate Cabinetry is a custom “We Do It For You” cabinet dealer. It takes precision and experience to achieve functional, polished results. When you hire us, you’re getting more than cabinets – you’re getting professional design services, guidance, and a sincere commitment to your satisfaction.

Let’s get to work! We will begin by having you select the styles and finishes you prefer. Measurements will be taken on site, and we’ll develop a complementary, initial plan, and schedule a meeting in our showroom to go over these plans.

DESIGN FEES: You LOVE what we’ve done! To continue work, we’ll ask for a deposit of 10% of the estimated total budget. We’ll work together to refine the plans and get everything just how you want it, fine tuning details to meet your expectations – and your budget. This fee is applicable to the project cost, but not refundable.

Cabinetry payment terms are 60% (you’ve already paid 10!) upon order placement, with the balance due at time of delivery. We will let you know the estimated delivery date once the order is placed. Typical lead times are 4 to 8 weeks.

We prefer that the products be delivered directly to your home to eliminate double handling. If your home is not a suitable location at the time of delivery, they can be delivered to our storage facility. We will hold your cabinetry for a maximum of five business days as a convenience to you, after which a storage fee of $100 per week will be applied.

We recommend hiring a competent finish carpenter to complete your installation. And we have just the guy! If you have hired Elevate Cabinetry to complete the installation, we will coordinate our installer to arrive at your home once the cabinets are delivered.

APPLIANCES/FIXTURES: If you have purchased your appliance through Elevate Cabinetry, we’ve got it all under control! If you went your own way, we prefer that the appliances are on site at the time of cabinet installation. Our cabinet installer will measure the actual appliances (manufacturer diagrams can be inaccurate) to ensure the appliances will fit well in your new cabinets. But you will still need to have your own appliance installer complete the appliance installation, which you can arrange after the cabinets installation is complete.

A professional fabricator will need to make a template of your cabinet surfaces. If you have arranged your contertops through Elevate Cabinetry, we’ll take it from here! If you are handling this on your end, please remember that there are weeks between templating and installation, so plan ahead and make sure you have secured a fabricator and keep him appraised of the progress so that you can start using your new space as soon as possible. Either way, we will supply the fabricator with the measurements ahead of time to get the countertop cost and materials lined up.

Whether you are adding a master bath suite, freshening up your powder room, dreaming of a wine cellar, or expanding your kitchen or entertaining areas, our skilled staff works with you and your building or design professional to create a one-of-a-kind space that is a unique reflection of you. Competitive pricing, personalized service, and expert advice are all part of the difference you’ll experience while working with Elevate Cabinetry.

Call or email Elevate Cabinetry to start the conversation: 928 202 2296,